What Pixelmatic can do for you.

A recent report found that more than 25% of small businesses and 56% of medium businesses in Australia have a Web site. A Web site offers a fantastic opportunity not only to connect directly with your target market, but to expand it beyond your traditional reach.

Professional site appearance is a must, just as with any other marketing material you may use. At Pixelmatic all sites are custom-designed to your needs, and can be designed from scratch, or adapted from your existing promotional material. Your site will reflect your company image, and we don't use templates.

At Pixelmatic we believe in stylish design, easy to navigate sites, fast-loading pages, and no gimmickry. Pixelmatic sites can be visited from the Portfolio page.

Site creation is only half the story. The key to your new site being effective is people visiting it. This means not only registering it with search engines, but developing cross-links with relevant sites. For example, linking to the many wine-enthusiast sites in exchange for a link to your winery site. This is where you will make the effective connection with your target market!

A small but effective Web site may cost far less than you think, especially in comparison to the potential returns.

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